Draw Together

[About] A multiplayer drawing app written in C# , the latest version can be found here: blushyface.katzen48.de/   [To do] Room – room types: single draw / multi draw / pictionary / animation – (global) room info / statistics ->...

Remote browser play

Based on my older “Twitch plays arcade bot v2” but renamed to “Remote browser play”. The rewritten version can be self hosted and how it works is that the host captures a window for the client(s) to play on. The idea is to...


Features each viewer / user in chat is represented as an avatar avatar actions are defined in a definition file (basically a text file containing specific actions) control an avatar manually using a command such as left, right, sit etc or any action...

Super Blushy Wars

What is Super Blushy Wars? Super Blushy Wars is our latest community project and it’s a (multiplayer) strategy game for the PC based on our web comic characters with game mechanics inspired from SRW. While the game takes game mechanics from...

Home of Blushies & friends (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Welcome to Blushyface.com, this place is a community website where our Twitch viewers & Twitch / Patreon subscribers can find our community content, if you are new here you might not know what Blushies are. Blushies aka the silly characters you can find here are based on our Twitch / Patreon subscribers as a thanks for supporting our content and appear throughout the web comics / oneoffs. We also have various community projects with the focus towards interactive Twitch chat bots / games / tools developed with feedback & ideas from the community.

If you like what you read feel free to say hi when we are live on Twitch and / or join our Discord servers and be part of our community!

- BlushyFace

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