Deal or no deal

This is a “deal or no deal” type of game where the viewer opens a random chest and wins the average amount of unopened chests ranging from 0 to 500 points. The graphics used in this game were given, not self drawn.


  • easy to use, connect with a twitch account and you’re good to go
  • broadcaster selects a viewer or random viewer to play the game
  • commands input !play !stop !continue !open <number>
  • game starts with 7 unopened chests, the player can open a random chest or type !continue to open the next unopened chest
  • game continues until 1 chest remains, out of time or player takes the deal by typing !deal
  • comes with a graphical interface to show on stream and add to obs/xsplit

Some ideas that could be added (but was not requested to be implemented, or suggested)

  • sound effects, example open chest/win amount
  • animations, example when opening a chest
  • play history of everyone that played and won/lost with amount won

Note: the “deal or no deal” game bot is not available for download because it was written for someone else, just showing it here.

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