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BlushyPet the initial idea

This was the first build of the BlushyPets game (around mid 2016?) that I had in mind where 2 viewers battle each other during a live stream on my Twitch channel while other viewers can bet who wins and earn channel currency that in turn can be used to buy items for their own pet. The idea back at the time was to make a 2d fighting game such as Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat with RPG element where pets can equip items and grow stats and skills the further they level.

How it works
Very well.. just kidding it’s not working anywhere! Anyway, this was made a year or two ago so I don’t remember the specifics anymore but basically when a viewer joined the channel they received an initial random “egg” that contains a random pet they need to hatch before they can use it to battle other viewers. Hatching can be done by using food items that in turn can be bought with channel currency or earned by being active in chat or just being in chat (though when chatting viewers earned bonus currency). Once hatched the viewer receives a random pet from the egg drop table (let’s say if the egg had affinity for fire then the hatched pet was fire based for example the “flaming tower” pet). After receiving a pet it was all up to the viewer how to raise it. Each pet has several attributes such as hit points / stamina / hunger / exp etc and stats can be temporarily boosted with items during a fight. The goal of the game was simple, try to defeat everyone else. There was also a leader board with win/lose ratio and detailed pet stats for everyone to see on a web site but I’ve stopped working on this all together in favor of a web based version that any streamer can add to their channel.

Image and VOD demo below
The game was entirely written by me as well as drawing the character(s) / font text / background art (more like hastily drawn doodles and put together like a monkey) and the SFX was taken from royalty free SFX sites. This build brings back memories and it was fun to write.

Note: the VOD is a big laggy, not because of the game but of my old laptop back at the time that had trouble recording the game.


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