Arcade bot to play any supported arcade game on Twitch

An arcade bot to play any supported arcade game on Twitch such as street fighter 2 (in demo video below)


  • play arcade games with chat where viewers can control characters
  • play with or against chat as the broadcaster
  • support for specific viewer input meaning one viewer takes controls playerX and the other one playerY
  • support for multiple players to play against each other (street fighter 2 etc) or together (metal slug etc) up to 4 players simultaneously
  • support for game profiles and combo input so that games that normally require multiple chat input can be executed with one command

Commands (type in chat)
To start the game: !startx where x is the number of player (only for supported games)
Default control: up, down, left, right (no support for reverse direction so if the characters are reversed (from starting point) it’s -> left = right and right = left, you get the picture)
Specific game profile control (for example street fighter): kick, punch -> or multiple inputs at once (example moves for Ryu) -> hadoken, shoryuken, hurricane etc..

None at the moment.

Image and VOD demo below

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