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What is BlushyFaceBot
BlushyFaceBot is a multipurpose and multi channel Twitch bot written from scratch with features requested by the community or features I want to include to use in my channel @ www.twitch.tv/blushyface written in C# with MS-SQL as the preferred database. It supports both Twitch chat and Twitch API as well as 3rd party API’s such as Streamlabs for donation alerts or points, BTTV for emotes,  Steam API for game achievements alerts etc..

Feature list and images linked below might not be up to date but you can click the specific feature for more info.

  • cheer goals
  • channel drops
  • obs remote control using Twitch chat
  • viewer queuing (to play games with)
  • subathon (sub / re sub timer)
  • chat avatars
  • live notification through Twitch whispers (type !notifyme / !notifyme off to disable), requires viewer permission
  • achievements (image -> 1, 2, 3)
  • custom commands (timed, SFX) (image -> 1)
  • stream statistics (image -> 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • channel currency (gain can be set per user role / specific user)
  • multi channel support
  • quoting system
  • inventory system
  • store system (buy / sell your inventory items in store or to viewers)
  • drop system (items such as chat avatar sets, different text to speech voices, channel currency etc)
  • welcome message (can be set per user role / specific user)
  • FTP support to backup data externally
  • reads Twitch chat using text to speech and configurable per viewer
  • custom SFX when someone donates / tips, cheers / bits
  • short code support to customize various (notification) text files
  • (un)follow / re-follow list to check who is following or un-followed
  • song requests, play / mute / pause / shuffle / volume etc (with video play support) (image -> 1, 2)
  • viewer statistics such as first time joined, last seen, chat history, hours in chat, rank, days between last visit etc (image -> 1, 2)
  • chat emotes that can be to be dropped in chat or purchasable with channel currency etc (configurable) (image -> 1)
  • host mode (auto) host broadcasters in a custom host list with priority hosting
  • has it’s own self hosted API for 3rd party developers to use BlushyFaceBot API to do their own thing
  • optional self hosted or remotely hosted website to show viewer profiles /  inventory / leader board etc
  • various visual notification settings such as (auto) hosts, donations / tips, (re) subs, cheers / bits, chat messages etc
  • etc..

BlushyFaceBot is plugin based and any 3rd party developer can create awesome plugins to be used with BlushyFaceBot.

Road map / to do / planned

  • crafting items
  • multi channel shared items / use items in other channels
  • etc..

No downloads are provided at this point. The bot is available for testers but otherwise not ready to be released yet due to requiring some technical knowledge to set it up such as creating a database + run scripts to create the tables, configure IIS to self host the bot etc.. although it’s not that difficult I have no time to support users due lack of time and commitment to other things I’m working on.

Got any ideas or suggestions?
If you have a suggestion or feature request you think would be awesome to have just reply to this post or join our Discord server and discuss / hang out with other people.