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Channel drops

What are Channel drops?
Channel drops are basically items that viewers in chat can receive while being in chat (can be configured to drop something every x minutes or randomly within every x minutes) , viewers can also opt to use an “instant drop” (that is consumed once used) whenever they want but recommended is to use it when there are a lot of people in chat so it maximizes the effect of the instant drop item which causes a single drop to happen immediately regardless when the next drop is scheduled to drop but after using it will reset the current timer.

The drop items are configurable and can be randomized but standard it includes channel currency (amount can be configured or random amount up to x or minimum y), “happy hour” (drop timer is cut in half for an hour for everyone in chat), emotes (but can only be seen in the stream and not in chat as it’s not an official Twitch emote) and channel avatar items that viewers can use to create their own unique avatar and replace their default profile image when chatting.

Ideas for items can be “temp timeout a viewer” (or a random viewer), allow link posting, steal another viewer’s channel currency (or use a block item to prevent it) etc, idea’s are basically whatever you can think off and is supported and can be used in conjunction with other bots such as blushyface.com/blumics/blumics-the-game-blushypets/ to give out pet items or buy an egg to hatch new pets etc.

This is a fun way for people in chat to collect items (or trade as people can trade items too!) or show other viewers their awesome custom profile avatar etc. Channel drops also support achievements such as “collector” when having collected specific items or every item in a specific category / item group.

There is also support for 3rd party donations such as Streamlabs that gives viewers additional channel currency and an “instant drop” (also configurable) every time they donate or when donating at least x amount.


  • !instantdrop , to make a drop happen instantly but also consumes 1 “instantdrop” item in your inventory
  • !dropchancecheck , everyone in chat receives a drop but can be configured to have an increased chance to receive something based on role such as sub / patreon / regular etc

Last but not least there is also a web page where viewers can check their profile inventory what items they have.


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