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Chat avatars

What are chat avatars?
Basically when viewers chat they can see their own twitch profile image next to their chat that can be customized with avatar items. That way each user can create their own unique avatar and show their awesome or silly avatar to other viewers.

How to get avatar items
The easiest way to get avatar items is to wait for a drop in chat (more info about channel drops here), trade (duplicates) with other viewers or buy them with channel currency in our shop (the bot website is offline at this time of writing due host being offline..)


  • !updateframe [item name] example !updateframe clouds
  • !updatehead [item name]
  • !updateexpression [item name]
  • !updatehair [item name]
  • !updateaccessory [item name, to equip multiple accessories use a comma (,) between each item you want to equip]
  • !updatetitle [item name]

The chat avatar are drawn by me so don’t expect much until I can create better drawings.

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