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Cheer with #hashtags leader board (browser source)

The cheer goal now has a browser source to display top cheers with a #hashtag. Basically when someone cheers with a #hashtag it shows the top cheers in a list ordered by total bits.

How does it work?
When someone cheers, they have an option to include a #hashtag so that it can be added in the keyword list for the broadcaster to see what people are cheering for. To use it they can cheer any amount (or a minimum amount, can be configured) like this: cheer1 #blushyface , this means that someone cheered 1 bit with the hashtag blushyface, if that keyword is in the top x (default 1o) it will show up in the top cheer leader board with the name of the person that cheered the most for that keyword.

Example: #blushyface has a total of 10 bits cheered and 6 of those are from blushyfan, the leader-board it will show it like this: x) #blushyface (1) blushyfan(6) where the name and total bits cheered is shown in bold.

Note that the cheer hashtag leader-board only accepts the first #hashtag when using multiple #keywords it only counts towards the first.

Whats next?
I’m currently writing a web page that can be shown on the site that list every keyword cheered as well as every viewer that cheered that keyword and includes a link back to their twitch so some might get some channel exposure from people that look up the leader-board.

Suggestions / feedback for BlushyFaceBot?
If you have any suggestions / feedback let me know because every feature that is added to the BlushyFaceBot has been from users that gave me suggestions / feedback to add it. That said, for more info what cheer goals are take a look here: blog.blushyface.com/blumics/2018/04/28/cheer-goals/

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