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[BlushyFaceBot] as a web service #1

Currently I’m working on porting BlushyFaceBot functions as a web service so that anyone that wants to make use of the data can do so. Example: check if a viewer has what avatar items or when the last item drop happened and who got what etc in their own application/website. Most of the functions can be called without authentication but for some special cases it will be needed such as requesting a viewer and check donation data etc.

Once the web service is done I will hook the BlushyFaceBot website to the web service and eliminate the class libraries that aren’t needed anymore (this also means i will also not add any new functions to the avatar client apart for the bare minimum because the plan is for the avatar client to use the web service as well at a later time).

The goal is to make the BlushyFaceBot website load faster (because the website is hosted on a remote machine, while the database is also hosted on a separate machine) by eliminating remote database calls which are relatively expensive and instead the web service calls the database on the same machine that then outputs the data that the website needs. I will be testing the performance of the web service calls as well as how it’s done currently to make sure the performance gets better, not worse.


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