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[BlushyFaceBot] as a web service #2

After half a days work, the BlushyFaceBotWebservice can now make a connection to the twitch chat and read/send messages including whispers. What’s left to do is to rewrite the database to allow multi channel connections (The bot already supports it but I didn’t store the data when users gave permission for the bot to join their channel), and move the rest of the functionally over to the web service so I can hook the BlushyFaceBot web version to make use of the web service data.

After that, the BlushyFaceBot client needs a rewrite too but once it’s all done, people can have item drops, avatars, song requests, lootboxes , custom currency, timed commands, donation alerts including what to give when donating, follow/host/sub alerts, auto host, or host followers that are streaming and a ton more features!


Item drop is added as well as song requests / song queues (as a bonus it can now also show the video that’s played, can be turned off) and a few optimizations made in retrieving database data (optimized a few large queries where I noticed I could have written it better) so overall expect a faster response time from the BlushyFaceBot website, client interface and of course the web service.

New bot commands added:

!play <yt link>
!playrandom , this picks a random song from past requests.
!playrandom <viewer name> , this picks a random song from the viewer from past requests.

Broadcaster only:
!giveitem <name> <item name> example: !giveitem blushyface other songrequest



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