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[BlushyFaceBot] browser source notifications and Steam API support

BlushyFaceBot now supports notifications such as chat / (auto) host / Twitch subs or 3rd party API’s such as Streamlabs donation notifications that can be added as a browser source using OBS/Xsplit or other stream software that supports it and shows up on stream like this:

The notifications can be fully customized using CSS and the content can be hidden such as showing or hide the chat / viewer profile image / rank / time watched / currency / achievement points etc.

That said, the BlushyFaceBot now also supports the Steam API to show stats such as achievements for any game that uses the Steam API such as CSGO, Dota2 etc. At the moment there is no support for commands such as !kills fiveseven or !wins but will be added when I have found a proper way to show them as adding the commands like !kills, !wins !plantedbombs might seem a bit weird. Maybe add a prefix such as !CSGO_kills fiveseven , !CSGO_kills awp, !CSGO_kills knife or !CSGO_wins ?




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