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[BlushyFaceBot] Channel drops are live!

Channel drops have been added to the BlushyFaceBot. Basically this means every x minutes (randomly) there will be a drop that occurs in chat that contains (as of writing this post) either channel currency or random items such as chat avatars or emotes. Everyone in chat receives the same currency/item so there is no real benefit apart from being in chat.

Viewers that want to support my channel can tip the channel and receive extra channel currency while also getting a dropbox which is basically an item that when used is consumed and a drop instantly occurs (thus ignoring the current drop timer). Same logic applies otherwise as the normal drops meaning that everyone in chat receives the same amount of currency or items in chat.

That said, drops can also be empty so there is a bit of luck involved getting the stuff you want but you can always trade with other viewers to complete your item collection!

Last but not least, for those that want to write their own here is a screenshot of the methods i’ve added to the BlushyFaceBot to make drops work in chat. This is the basic version but should suffice as reference point.


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