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[BlushyFaceBot] Lootbox drops

Today I’ve updated the bot with a minor change in the “luckydrop” feature.

From now on the “luckydrop” is renamed to “lootbox” because it was not clear to most viewers what that was or did, basically “luckydrops” are forced drops that contain items that are given randomly to at least one person in chat up to everyone (depending on the viewer drop chance).

The items that are dropped when using the lootbox contain not only avatar items but also every other items including rare items that are not dropped normally in chat during the regular drops. If you are a collector, this is the only way to complete your collection (or ask a viewer with the item to give it to you).

Regular drops happen every 10 minutes for everyone in chat and depending on the viewers drop chance they might or might not receive the dropped item. To check drop chance type !checkdropchance in chat and to increase the drop chance viewers can follow (+1), donate (+2), subscribe (+3).

To check if you have a lootbox you can type !profile or !openlootbox in chat to open one but it will fail if you don’t have any left.

If you have any question/suggestions let me know by replying below or in my twitch chat.




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