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[BlushyFaceBot] More chat avatar items added!

As promised, I’ve been drawing new avatar items last weekend for the BlushyFacebot to give viewers even more options to customize their chat avatar! These new avatar drawings however are most likely NOT compatible with he old ones because of the way I’m redoing the avatar drawings (different drawing style) and because of that, do not work together (although if you really want you can still combine them). Also, the old avatar items will be deprecated at some date and made undroppable from the bot so only the new avatar drawings will be dropped (don’t worry, if you have the items now you can still use it or trade it to any viewer you want, think of it as a bonus for being in my stream).

That said, I’ve also added a bot command !updateavataritems to update any new avatar items immediately in the BlushyFaceBot avatar directories, instead of restarting the bot. All there is to it is to move the drawings into the relevant avatar categories and it will update the database with new items.

Note: if you are a Patreon, you can ask me to draw a specific avatar item that viewers can use (once per each month you are my patreon). The name of the item will be -> category_yourtwitchusername_nameOfItem, example: accessories_wooden_nickel_mask as a thanks for supporting my stream/work on bot and if you are the owner of the item you have 99x of them so you can distribute it to other viewers or keep it to yourself xP.



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