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[BlushyFaceBot] Support for charts

Support for showing statistics as a chart was one of the more popular requests so I’ve added it now. At the moment it is a basic chart that shows users in chat / viewers / hosts over time that is generated in \media\, if you have ideas/feedback what should be added to the stream/session statistics let me know.

That said, database support is not fully implemented yet so charts are generated “on the fly” when using the bot. After database storage has been implemented all session data will be stored there and you can generate stats for any stream session you want to check.

For the latest downloads see my other blog posts here: blog.blushyface.com/2018/11/19/blushyfacebot-v2-in-development-download/

[BlushyFaceBot] Support for charts



Updated the charts to make it look a bit better, latest version can be downloaded here: blog.blushyface.com/released/ , this version is: indev_20161220_nodb.rar

[Update 2]

My stream stats as an example

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