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[BlushyFaceBot] What are channel drops?

Channel drops are basically items that are dropped randomly in chat and everyone that is in chat when the drop happens has a chance to receive them. The item is randomized for every viewer and depending on the drop chance they might or might not receive that said item. If something does drop however, everyone in chat (including the viewers that got a drop) will get EXP instead. (EXP is used for a new BlushyFaceBot feature I’m currently working on so stay tuned!)

An item drop happens every 10 minutes in chat (regardless if I’m streaming or not) but only those that actually received an item will be shown in chat.

So what actually drops? Most of the drops are avatar items that can be used to customize the viewer avatar but also rare items can be unlocked and dropped depending on the channel tier (channel tier is something I added to see if people are active in my channel, the channel tier level depends on how many people are watching the stream/following and resets each day)

Currently there are around 90+ avatar items but expect a lot of more in the future and other item types as well as I continue to update the bot.


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