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Blushy avatars


  • each viewer / user in chat is represented as an avatar
  • avatar actions are defined in a definition file (basically a text file containing specific actions)
  • control an avatar manually using a command such as left, right, sit etc or any action defined in the avatar definition file
  • users that are chatting will be shown as if the avatar is talking with text to speech (supports various voices)
  • support for broadcaster / moderator permission such as add / remove or ban avatars
  • support for unique avatars (for example only usable by subs / VIPs or user only)
  • .. and more being worked on! Got feedback / suggestions? Let me know in our discord :)!

WIP / to do

  • comprehensive customization options such as background / avatar settings
  • -> configuration options such as default currency gain and additiona for sub / VIPs etc. Item costs / discount etc
  • -> add a web interface to do configuration and setting up on a per channel basis
  • channel currency for users to buy items such as accessories, effects and / or avatars to change between them! [done!]
  • support for Twitch emotes / badges [done!]
  • random avatars that pop up and say something or perform an action(s) etc
  • support for 3rd party API such as Streamlabs for donations & trigger avatar actions [done!]
  • support for mini games like throwing a snowball, start a fight between avatars etc.
    -> ideas / suggesions for mini games are more than welcome!
  • .. and everything else that comes up during the development! Let me know in our discord :)!

Random thoughts

  • show additional avatar info such as a health indicator?
  • Blushy Avatars supports multi channel so users can see their collected avatars across different channels and use items in their inventory etc

Things to know / fix

  • channels with a large number of viewers may show some lag.
  • the user with the most recent chat will be shown first so that the chat won’t be hidden behind another avatar
  • the client can be fully customized (colors, avatar actions such as movement etc) and developer notes are added to give an idea how things can be done
  • text to speech voices can be changed or turned off
  • to connect to your channel you need to setup Blushy Avatars by going to /setup/config.txt
  • no read me file is provided as it should be pretty straightforward but if you have questions feel free to join our discord for further help by our community
  • to add an avatar a definition file with avatar actions and related sprite sheet is required and then add both files to the /Assets/avatar folder

These and many more features are being worked on and if you want to follow the progress you can join our community discord to check out the relevant channel(s), say hi to the community and get up to date with the latest community news.

Download Blushy Avatars

Blushy Avatars can be download here as soon as I have implemented the minimum features in the to do / features list. Preview builds are available for Insiders (Twitch / Patreon subs) when features need testing. Click here to download the Insider builds in our Discord server.

Not an Insider yet? Read about how to become an Insider to support my creative content here!

Insiders build notes and things to know

  • Insider builds can be treated as early previews, “as is” and updates are based on feedback / suggestions
  • includes at least the following avatars: blushyface, jellybean (and variations), pillow, rippy the tire and the snail all with their basic actions
  • front end can be edited how ever you want if you are into that, there are notes here and there in the html file to show how things can be done
  • runs on port 8090 by default (I have not made it configurable yet but if there is a need I’ll add it)
  • you need a valid Twitch OAuth token with at least the following scope: “chat_login” that can be generated here
  • if you want to use text to speech chat you need to provide your own TTS or use the default OS TTS (if supported)
  • requires around ~5mb disk space (depending on how many avatars you have / add) and at least .net framework version 4.7.x

Work in Progress / screenshots

When people cheer it shows the used cheer emote and shows it x times the amount cheered.


A battle royal type of game where the last avatar wins.






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