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BlushyAvatars updates 20190630

Blushyavatars small update / fix (20190630)

+ changed avatar definition file to EXCLUDE name as qualified avatar name when there are variations available, instead add any variations in the “variation” option in the avatar definition file.

+ added to configuration an option called “avatarsdir” where you can specify what directories to load relative to \avatars , useful for avatar sets / themed avatars.

+ added support for querystring parameters to set width and height. Example add ?width=xxx&height=yyy after the url, this should make it easier to adjust the width / height when using multiple browser sources in OBS / XSplit etc.

Blushyavatars small update / fix (20190628)

! fixed background right to left scrolling –> contextBackground.drawImage(bg,-scrollPosY, canvasBackground.height – bg.height,bg.width, bg.height); contextBackground.drawImage(bg, canvasWidth -scrollPosY, canvasBackground.height – bg.height,bg.width, bg.height);

! fixed avatar movement direction change with scaled images –> avatars that were at the corner of the screen didn’t reverse properly and after some checking it seems I forgot to include scaled images in the direction function –> avatarItem.CurrentPosX = canvasBackground.width – (avatarItem.Action.SizeX* avatarItem.Action.Scale);