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BlushyAvatars updates 20190701

Blushyavatars small update / fix (20190701)

! fixed when avatar has an idle action (0 move speed) it could move 1 pixel due direction change.

+ added avatars that can spawn randomly, in this case they are wild pokemons (no user attached) and can spawn and appear / disappear randomly identified by it’s gold color and name.

+ added database support for persistent avatars, this basically means if you have an active avatar it will be loaded when joining stream instead of a random avatar.

+ added user inventory that holds items & avatars and able to switch between them freely.

+ added avatar added date

+ added avatar EXP, exp is gained periodically when the avatar is active and the user in chat to unlock avatar specific actions / traits.

+ added avatar hitpoints (100 default), it has no real use at the moment but it can come in handy for future updates (mini games?)

+ added 2 new commands !collection (shows total avatars collected) and !capture (captures a wild pokemon when there is one)

[WIP] allow user to change between their avatar collection, most of it is done but not made the commands yet.

[WIP] allow capturing wild pokemons, command? Web interface? Mini game?  % of capture? Still debating.

~ lurkers that have not typed anything in chat will get assigned a random avatar until they have and can start collecting more

~ misc cleaned up some code