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BlushyAvatars updates 20190702

Blushyavatars small update / fix (20190701)

+ added Pokémon storage space. Default is 25 and subs get 75 more for a total of 100 storage space. This is not hard locked, storage space can be bought using channel currency that is gained by being in chat! To check your available storage space type !collection

+ added !release command , type !release <Pokémon name> to release a Pokémon back into the wild. Released Pokémons can come back as wild Pokémons (gold color) but with (increased) stats when it was released (this is important when battles are introduced so trainers can fight wild pets that used to belong to another trainer or when that trainer fights a battle it can help them out)

+ changed, when chatting the text could take a large portion of the screen which can be annoying when many people are typing so instead the following changes have been made so its better visually (or should): by default when chatting it shows the text as normal but when the TTS is done talking the text disappears. When the TTS gets interrupt while talking the text will go to whoever just typed and then will disappear when the TTS is done talking. (see video below)

+ changed viewer colors -> non chatter = dark/grey color, anyone that has chat = white color, current chatter = pink , not 100% final of the colors but let me know if you have a suggestions for it.

! fixed Pet EXP is now being gained properly for active pets.

~ misc, working on adding equipable items such as weapons, heals etc that Pokémons can use during battles.