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BlushyAvatars updates 20190703

Blushyavatars small update / fix (20190703)

+ added  command !switch <Pokemon number or name> that will switch out the current active Pokemon to another one in your collection. This will allow other Pokemon sto gain EXP etc and will be your default when joining the stream unless switched out with another Pokemon.

+ added command !info , show current active Pokemon info

+ added “OwnerName” to avatar properties, this allows renaming the Pokemon in a future update although it is not shown anywhere yet besides in the collection.

-> technically every avatar is linked to a user account but in the client we only pass down avatar properties without any account data so it’s needed there to show the viewer name (Avatar.Name was abused and used as Account.Name but with the possibility to rename avatars I needed an extra field and using Avatar.Name as viewer name was confusing anyway)

[MISC] refactored some code (moved some logic around + added a few more db functions)