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[BlushyAvatars] Updates 20190713

Blushyavatars small update / fix (20190713)

+ added -> an overlay web page with avatar info that shows info like top x highest level avatars in chat, wild pokemons spawned / captured etc.

+ added support for subscribers + bits that shows the recent sub / cheer events in the overlay.

+ added support for various SFX sounds like when a wild pokemon is captured an SFX plays etc.

-> from this version onwards, every subscriber that is in chat gains additional EXP for their active avatar and additional channel currency to buy items for their avatars.

[Changed] rewrote the avatar client from FPS based movement to proper time based. This basically means that when it was FPS based the avatars would move sluggish when FPS was low  but fast when high FPS, either way not consistent. With time based movement it doesn’t matter as the speed remains the same. (see below under screenshots for a comparison and notice the avatar movement between the two versions) This is also fixed for animations.

[WIP]  added support for viewer quests & achievements in the database, nothing implemented otherwise.


Screenshots / gifs

the left overlay with the avatar info is a web page for easy including in OBS / Xsplit etc

BlushyAvatars updates 20190713


Time based movement

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10 fps vs 60 fps to show difference in FPS but same speed between avatars.

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FPS based (notice faster movement with higher FPS)

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