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BlushyFace’s Twitch lib updated to .net core
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Twitch lib updated to .NET Core

This is an updated version / rewrite of my Twitch library from the .NET Framework to .NET Core with the purpose to move over my other Twitch related tools to the latest and greatest. At the moment Twitch chat functionality is supported and support for the Twitch API (Kraken v5 & Helix) will be added as well once the chat part is fully done and tested.

Note that this is a work in progress so if you encounter any issues feel free to let me know so I can fix it.

That said, there aren’t really any new fancy features compared to the previous .NET Framework version so I’ll just list what it does to keep things up to speed and add some examples how to get it running.

– basic lightweight Twitch chat compatible client library
– send / receive chat messages & whispers
– supports various Twitch chat commands such as mod, ban (duration), vip, host, raid etc
– event based notifications, for example to receive chat messages just add a handler for that -> _client.OnPrivMsg += ClientOnPrivMsg;
– automatically reconnect active clients on connection loss (default attempts is 10)
– etc


The compiled  debug version (BlushyFace.Core.Tests.exe) can connect to Twitch chat as an anonymous user with all events enabled and supports /join and /part commands.


Create a new Twitch client with command / membership / tags capabilities.

_client = new Client
                 RegisterCapRequestCommands = true,
                 RegisterCapRequestMembership = true,
                 RegisterCapRequestTags = true

Add event handlers.

_client.OnPrivMsg += ClientOnPrivMsg;
_client.OnNotice += ClientOnNotice;
_client.OnClearChat += ClientOnClearChat;
_client.OnClearMsg += ClientOnClearMsg;
_client.OnGlobalUserState += ClientOnGlobalUserState;
_client.OnHostTarget += ClientOnHostTarget;
_client.OnRoomState += ClientOnRoomState;
_client.OnUserNotice += ClientOnUserNotice;
_client.OnUserState += ClientOnUserState;
_client.OnMode += ClientOnMode;
_client.OnNames += ClientOnNames;
_client.OnCap += ClientOnCap;
_client.OnNumeric += ClientOnNumeric;
_client.OnJoin += ClientOnJoin;
_client.OnPart += ClientOnPart;

Add custom event handlers.

_client.OnRitual += ClientOnRitual; // triggers when a user does the ritual (welcomes new user)
_client.OnBits += ClientOnBits; // triggers when a user cheers
_client.OnSubscription += ClientOnSubscription; // triggers when a user subs -> sub/resub/subgift/anonsubgift/submysterygift/giftpaidupgrade/rewardgift etc
_client.OnRaid += ClientOnRaid; // triggers when channel gets raided

Connect to the Twitch chat with username / token.

Note: the Twitch lib currently does not have any authentication methods implemented so you need to generate your own token to be able to send messages to the Twitch chat. Once updated you can connect to Twitch chat by supplying a token on connect -> _client.Connect(token); or let the lib create one automatically after being authorized to do so.

_client.Connect(userName, token);

Connect to the Twitch chat anonymously (note that sending messages will not work when connecting anonymously).


Send a message to Twitch chat

_client.SendMessage("blushyface", "Hello!");


Usage of various commands.

_client.Commands.Join("blushyface"); // joins a channel
_client.Commands.Mods("blushyface"); // get list of channel mods for [channel]
_client.Commands.Host("blushyface","blushyfacebot"); // hosts a channel to another channel
_client.Commands.UnHost("blushyface"); // unhosts a channel that is hosting another channel
_client.Commands.Color("#..."); // name or hex color
_client.Commands.TimeOut("blushyface", "blushyface", 60); // time out a user in a specific channel for 1 minute -> [channelName][userName][optional duration]
_client.Commands.ClearTimeOut("blushyface", "blushyface"); // clear a user time out in a specific channel [channelName][userName]
_client.Commands.Whisper("blushyface","Hello is a whisper."); // whisper someone

When the client is running successfully you should see various messages for example this is cohhcarnage’s chat (with permission) with all the events enabled.

Subscription events

If you want to know how many people (re)subscribe etc to cohhcarnage you can add an event handler-> _client.OnSubscription += ClientOnSubscription; and the Twitch client would look like this:

Let say you want to find out how many users are subscribing with a Prime or Tier 2 sub and have a sub streak of 6 months or longer you could do that by:

private static void ClientOnSubscription(object sender, Subscription e)
    Utilities.WriteDebugConsole($"[SUBSCRIPTION] {e.Channel} {e.SystemMessage} {e.UserMessage}");

    if ( (e.SubPlan == Enums.SubscriberPlan.Prime || e.SubPlan == Enums.SubscriberPlan.Tier2) && e.MonthsSubStreak >= 6 )
        // do something..

Channel host events
When a channel hosts another channel you get a [HostTarget] event.

This is an example how to listen for host events and then join the hosted channel chat -> add an event handler -> _client.OnHostTarget += ClientOnHostTarget;

private static void ClientOnHostTarget(object sender, HostTarget e)
    Utilities.WriteDebugConsole($"[HOSTTARGET] {e.Channel} hosting: {e.ChannelBeingHosted}");

    if (e.ChannelBeingHosted.Equals("")) return; // the channel that is getting hosted shouldn't be empty but check it either way.

This should cover the basics how to use my Twitch lib for .NET Core, if you have any questions feel free to make a comment below.


Herrow, I'm BlushyFace and this is the place where you can read about the adventures of silly Blushies & other content I've made related to my Twitch channel community.

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