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[To do] Draw Together
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Draw Together


A multiplayer drawing app written in C# , the latest version can be found here: blushyface.katzen48.de/


[To do]

– room types: single draw / multi draw / pictionary / animation
– (global) room info / statistics -> pictionary leaderboard / most active player etc etc
– show optional player icons when player has created an account + linked Twitch account when drawing
public / private room [done] – room message of the day / room description / rules
– save / load drawing
– scrollable canvas
– chat room (for pictionary but mainly to communicate with other players in room)
– chat room permissions (ban / kick / mute etc)
– color wheel instead of static color choices
– list of available / public rooms & player count

– support for creating accounts + Twitch account
– various player roles -> room host -> player
– player roles -> room owner, mod (for chat),
– player profile
– draw history
– joined rooms history to quickly rejoin
– invite other players to private room

– players join lobby as the default room but maybe not auto join on connect?
– rooms can only be joined when writing it in the textbox but maybe make it so that it is directly joinable by url? For example to join room “blushies” -> blushyface.katzen48.de/rooms/blushies
– when players link their account use that name to claim the room with same name + give them owner role?


Examples / Screenshots



Herrow, I'm BlushyFace and this is the place where you can read about the adventures of silly Blushies & other content I've made related to my Twitch channel community.

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