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About Blushyface.com

Home of Blushies & friends (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Blushyface.com is a website where I post community related content for those that are interested in and / or want to get involved with my content by checking it out here.

That said, if you are a first time visitor you might not know what Blushies are but basically “Blushies” aka the silly characters are creatures I thought were fun to draw while attempting to create a web comics story about them. While it’s been on a sort of hiatus now I still have the motivation to finish what I started but the main hurdle is to write an actual story first which is taking longer than I anticipated.

Blushies are based on my Twitch / Patreon subscribers as a thanks for supporting my content and appear throughout the web comics / mini comics / one-offs. Apart from that I also create other content and like to keep myself busy by developing various community projects with the focus towards interactive Twitch chat bots / games / tools developed with feedback & ideas from the community.

Finally last but not least I want to thank those that have supported me over the past years (or are still supporting) while I continue to work on creating new content, feel free to also say hi when I’m live on Twitch (www.twitch.tv/blushyface) and / or join the Discord (blushyface.com/discord/) to be part of the community!

– BlushyFace