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Chat v2 updated message tags

Chat v2 updated message tags

Updated the message tags for various IRC commands to return proper data types.

The old way to get the message tag values was to manually parse each tag individually for example when someone subscribes a USERNOTICE event gets fired and to get the streak months and sub plan you could either get it from the system message ( x.GetTagValue(“system-msg”) ) or individual tags x.GetTagValue(“msg-param-streak-months”) and x.GetTagValue(“msg-param-sub-plan”). This was not ideal so to do this now follow the example below.

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Twitch chat custom overlay example

Twitch chat custom overlay

A custom Twitch chat overlay that can be run locally / added as a browser source for example (SL)OBS.

– shows user badges / emotes / cheermotes (cheermotes are animated by default)
– merge various chat channels into the chat overlay
– show channel name before user name
– translate twitch chat messages to uwu (twanswate twitch chat messages to uwu)
– join chat channels anonymously
– can be customized by editing the html/css files

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Connect to Twitch chat with multiple clients

Connect to Twitch chat with multiple clients

Started rewriting BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat into BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat.V2 because while v1 is a rewrite ported from my .NET FX version I wasn’t totally happy with it and decided to just rewrite it in it’s entirely. This is a work in progress but the basic client is fully functional. The client features are based on what I need so if you have suggestions what you would like me to add let me know with a comment below or join our discord.

The example shows how to create multiple clients, client is a user that is logged in to chat and able to receive & send chat messages while client2 is anonymous and can only receive chat messages. Requires .NET Core 3.x to run.

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