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Planet Blushy
Home planet of Blushies. Planet Blushy is a living planet and no one knows where it’s headed next.

Fluffy Empire
Technology advanced race and pride themselves as traders. Their home planet is in the C. DX2 solar system. Little else is known besides that the Pillow has a history with them.

Current location of the Blushies. They are currently trying to blend in and making friends so no one knows they are originally not from Earth.

Jellybeans (various)
They are BlushyFace’s favorite candies and every bite is a yummy mystery, the only fear is getting bamboozled. Jellybeans are despite what many think not candy but an alien race. To prevent themselves from being eating and going extinct they have a plan to eradicate all the Blushies in existence, especially BlushyFace so they can live in peace.

Notable Jellybeans : Celestial Jelly Being, Jelly Red, Jelly Green, Jelly Blue

Slimes (various)
Little is know about them but they come in various shapes and forms and first seen invading planet Blushy through frog portals and it looks like they are doing it against their own will. What is their true objective and who controls them?

Notable Slimes: Slammers (group), Shifty (named Slammer)

Marshmallow organization
A mysterious organization from the Fluffy Empire with the public goal of protecting the galaxy and beyond but their true objective is to keep track of Blushies and gather information about everything they do. Their members can be found all over the galaxy often carrying out their own secret missions while promoting peace.

Notable characters: the Pillow (defected), Becky the Backpack (defected),