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Twitch chat custom overlay

Description A custom Twitch chat overlay that can be run locally / added as a browser source for example (SL)OBS. Features – shows user badges / emotes / cheermotes (cheermotes are animated by default)...

Selfhosted Twitch API tester

A self hosted Twitch API tester (the default is localhost:8081) to test various Twitch endpoints such as -> Kraken (v5) / Helix and known undocumented endpoints.

[BlushyFace.Util] Extract GIF files to spritesheets + GUI

Description A way to extract GIF files into a sprite sheet. Note: This is a stripped down version of the BlushyFace.Util library that is used for my other projects (such as BlushyAvatars etc) written in C#...

Chat bots that talk to each other with viewer interaction

A bot that basically talks to each other and can interact with chat.

Higher or lower card game

Info A higher/lower card game where the broadcaster can select a random of specific viewer in chat to play. The player can use the command !higher, !lower or !same if they think the next card is the same value...


What is BlushyFaceBot BlushyFaceBot is a multipurpose and multi channel Twitch bot written from scratch with features requested by the community or features I want to include to use in my channel @ www.twitch...

Pictionary bot

Info A bot to play pictionary with viewers on Twitch. The pictionary bot whispers a random word from a word list for the streamer to draw while the chat attempts guess the word. Note that the bot at this time...

Arcade bot to play any supported arcade game on Twitch

An arcade bot to play any supported arcade game on Twitch such as street fighter 2 (in demo video below)

BlushyPet the initial idea

This was the first build of the BlushyPets game (around mid 2016?) that I had in mind where 2 viewers battle each other during a live stream on my Twitch channel while other viewers can bet who wins and earn...

Obs remote control using Twitch chat

Info Control OBS using chat commands. Requires: obs-websocket / github.com/Palakis/obs-websocket Commands Command are the same as your scene / source names. Example if you have a scene called...

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