Authenticate as a user to use the API

In this example we authenticate as a user and call a couple API (Helix) endpoints to get the user follower list and stream key. First we wait for a user to authenticate and when successful we call the...

Authenticate as user and connect to Twitch chat

Previously we wrote an auth lib that takes care of authenticating users ( and now we use that example to...

BlushyFace.Twitch.Authentication scopes added

[Update #2] Changed Enums.x.y to Scope.x.y; and moved it to the Enums namespace. I should probably have waited writing this post until done making changes for the day. [Update] Went ahead and changed the...

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Most of our community projects uses Blushyface.Twitch api, auth, chat libs.
Here you can find with examples how to add it to your own project to interact with Twitch.