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30 second victory

Won the game in less than 30 seconds. Thank you Symmetra.

[CSGO] Sniper ace

Been a while since I got a sniper ace or any ace in a round really so pretty cool it happened again 😀

Diablo 3 seasonal 17 done! (got the cool wings :D)

Upgrading 3 gems to level 70+ was my last objective this season and decided to run multiplayer grifts (greater rifts) with random people and got the last object done. This is a recording of the final grift as...

Worst Torbjörn POTG ever xD

A POTG can’t get much worse, did no one else in the entire match played better than this xD?

Blucio stalling the enemy team

Enemy team wants to capture point ;O Blucio says no!
Game was in overtime and noticed we only had 2 people on point vs the 4 on enemy team so I decided to stall hoping my team would make it back in time.

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