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Shout outs

Awesome people that supports my creative content / Twitch streams. Thanks for keep the Blushies economy alive (In no particular order)

Twitch 1 year sub club
– Pugsly271 (Jun/17th/2018)
– Wooden_Nickel (July/??/2018)
– Killajulz (July/25/2018)

10k+ bits
– Killajulz
– Wooden Nickel

Patreon 1 year sub club
– Wooden_Nickel
– Partouf

Patreon 6 months sub club

Gifts (games etc)
– Wooden Nickel
– Hawwy666
– BOUN9001_DJ_Nuke
– thextong
– tehbasshunter
– Ekkiejj


PS: if you are not on the list let me know by making a comment below or in my Discord server and I’ll add you here.