Twitch chat custom overlay example

Twitch chat custom overlay

A custom Twitch chat overlay that can be run locally / added as a browser source for example (SL)OBS.

– shows user badges / emotes / cheermotes (cheermotes are animated by default)
– merge various chat channels into the chat overlay
– show channel name before user name
– translate twitch chat messages to uwu (twanswate twitch chat messages to uwu)
– join chat channels anonymously
– can be customized by editing the html/css files

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Connect to Twitch chat with multiple clients

Connect to Twitch chat with multiple clients

Started rewriting BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat into BlushyFace.Twitch.Chat.V2 because while v1 is a rewrite ported from my .NET FX version I wasn’t totally happy with it and decided to just rewrite it in it’s entirely. This is a work in progress but the basic client is fully functional. The client features are based on what I need so if you have suggestions what you would like me to add let me know with a comment below or join our discord.

The example shows how to create multiple clients, client is a user that is logged in to chat and able to receive & send chat messages while client2 is anonymous and can only receive chat messages. Requires .NET Core 3.x to run.

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