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Why support Blushyface?

Why support Blushyface?

That is a fair point
I guess this is where I should convince you why to support me but it mainly comes down to whether you like me / my content enough to care about it. The truth is that I will still continue to do live streams / content creation as I thoroughly enjoy doing it and interact with the people that visit the live stream while building a growing community.

So what does supporting Blushyface help with?
Your contribution supports me to dedicate a fair amount of time to create content regularly in the sense that I can do this as a (part / full time) job while reducing the hours of my current job (don’t get me wrong my actual work is awesome but after a day of work I’m usually too tired to have enough focus to work on community content / do a live stream).

For those that want to go for the the extra mile and support me (thank you!) there are benefits that comes with it such as:

General (tip using streamlabs)
your user name on the shout out page (with optional link to your socials like Twitch channel etc just let me know)
– an alert shows up with your message during a live stream
– dedicated support for issues when using my Twitch chat bots / tools (don’t worry, if you have issues just ask, I will still help)

Twitch / Patreon
– your own unique Blushy character based on your Twitch user name that appears in my (mini) comics
– suggestions what to draw -> (mini) comics and Blumics (BlushyFace’s web comics, basically comics with a longer story)
– suggestions for sub emotes / badges / alerts
– your unique Blushy character will be used in various (current / upcoming) community projects
– access to beta versions of my community projects to test / feedback before release
– sub role in my Discord channel + access to sub only channels
– dedicated support for my (Twitch) libs in Discord
– part of the Blushies inner circle club
– priority when playing games and you want to join
– your own @blushyface.com email address (3+ months Patreon / Twitch only, this is to prevent people using it to send mass spam mail)
– your own subdomain.blushyface.com

Twitch only
– access to my channel emotes
– access to my channel Twitch sub badges

Patreon only
– depends on tiers

Thank you for being awesome!
– BlushyFace